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Winsor & Newton Studio Easel - Arun Bamboo Easel

Arun Bamboo Easel

We selected the Arun Easel becuase we think it is a great quality and value of an easel. The Arun Easel folds down to a compact box shape and with a carry handle its easy to transport or store away. An adjustable canvas holder helps you achieve your preferred working position and with a storage tray for all your materials this is great for artists of all levels..

Winsor & Newton Quality for £66.00- More Info...


Product List
Daler Rowney Edinburgh Box Table Easel

 Wooden box table easel with a fully adjustable painting angle, includes 3D canvas holder, removable box dividers and carry handle.

Price £28.66
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Easel Selection

Whether you are a beginning artist or an experienced professional, the right easel makes all the difference to your artwork as well as for your physical health. Good easels promote correct posture and good working habits, while poor ones can leave you uncomfortable and make it hard to paint. We offer a range of easels to cover all requirements, provide firm support, give long lasting service and above all provide unsurpassed quality expected from Winsor & Newton and Mabef.

Sketching and display art easels are relatively inexpensive, but if you want a large floor-standing one, they are usually fairly expensive so it is best to save up to get the best if you want a large floor-standing easel. If you are just beginning to paint, then a table-top art easel is probably the best, or get a sketching art easel if you want to stand to paint. Art easels will keep your paintings in place while you're working on them. This reduces the risk of spilling anything on your paintings and they also help you to keep dust from collecting on your artwork. Even though you can work sitting on a stool or standing, standing makes it easy to step back to see how your painting is progressing and also helps you to keep your artwork composition and design in better perspective.

What Type of Art Easel Should You Get?

It all depends upon the style of painting you do. If you like standing and working with large canvases and/or you have a heavy hand when you paint, then you should get a heavy floor-standing art easel. If you like working on a smaller scale then a table-top art easel is probably the best type to get. Table-top art easels are great if space is an issue because they don't take up floor space and can be folded up. There are basically three types of table-top art easels - scaled down or small foor-standing easels, three-legged tripod easels, and the easels with storage boxes. You can also get portable lightweight easels that are handy for taking outdoors. Display easels are quite lightweight and made for showing or displaying paintings, and should not be used for working on.